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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
TRAINED DANCERS for Live Events Chicago, IL Trade Show/Events/Promo 05-05-2016
DANCE Spectacular Productions Chicago, IL Dance - Other/General 05-05-2016
Dragon Bell Las Vegas, NV Voice-Over 05-05-2016
Legit Casting Circus Acting - Acrobatics/Stunts 05-05-2016
Don't Hug Me Auditions Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
John Lennon and Me Auditions Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
Crew Call for Da Big Daddy G Show Austin, TX Crew - Other 05-05-2016
Ramona Quimby Casting Des Moines, IA Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
Superior Donuts Auditions Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 12-11-2016
Auditions for Crazy for You Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 12-11-2016
Romeo and Juliet Charleston, SC Theatre - Non-Equity 05-12-2016
The Hemingway Play Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-09-2016
Assassination Classroom Auditions Voice-Over 05-05-2016
'Twas The Night Before Christmas Des Moines, IA Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
Auditions for Hello, Dolly! Austin, TX Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
Kiss Me Kate Auditions Charleston, WV Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
It's A Wonderful Life Austin, TX Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
Venice Auditions for A Christmas Carol Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
101 Dalmatians Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016
The Game's Afoot Auditions Louisville, KY Theatre - Non-Equity 05-05-2016

Movie Auditions

If you're looking for movie auditions, one great new way to get yourself seen is to post yourself online with a profile representing you featuring photos and a brief description of yourself and your talents. Online services provide your photo and profile for Casting Directors conducting movie auditions, TV, singing dancing, and fashion. Agents/managers in your area will call you back if they are impressed with your picture and interested in auditioning you.

Here are some tips to prepare you for movie auditions. If you have a chance, read the script first, or see if it adapted from a book or play which you can get a hold of. If none of these is available, many new films are re-makes and you may be able to find a version of the original at your local video store. Before doing any movie auditions, do some basic reading and research on the filmmaker and on the era in which the story takes place. Ask yourself and answer these questions about your role. Who am I? Where am I? What do I want? Visualize your character's physical appearance. Fill in your character's activities not provided in the text. (Where does she go? What was she doing before entering this stage of her life?)

Especially with movie auditions with a large cast, you only have one chance to capture their interest. Professional photos are good, but not always necessary. Tastefully shot digital photos can also work. You may choose to work with several agents, representing different aspects of your career (i.e., one agent for Movie Auditions, one for Commercial Work, another for Print Work).

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